What to bring

Classroom training

Please bring along something to take notes during the class, and lunch/snacks/drinks. We’ll provide coffee and water along with a safe learning environment. We’ll take up to an hour break for lunch, less if the group prefers. There are local sandwich shops in the vicinity if you want to grab a sandwich or burger. Please do not bring any loaded weapons into the classroom unless you are licensed to carry that weapon. If so, it should remain concealed and holstered for the duration of the course.

At the range

For most of our courses, we offer the option of live fire shooting instruction at a local shooting range. This gives each student an opportunity for some one-on-one instruction using your personal firearm. We’ll review safe handling of the weapon, how to load and unload the gun, and offer some tips for shooting accurately. We hope you’ll build on that experience by visiting your local shooting range to practice further.

If you don’t have a personal handgun yet, we may be able to make arrangements for you to use one of ours for this portion of the course. Give us a call to discuss before the class.

We have a number of options for shooting ranges in the area, both indoor and outdoor. You will need to bring your own ammunition, as well as hearing protection and eye protection. These are mandatory at all shooting ranges. I will provide earplugs if you need them and I have a pair of glasses you may borrow (you may have to share the glasses). If you wear prescription glasses, you may use them.

Wear proper attire for the occasion and the location. Long pants, closed toe sensible shoes, and avoid low cut tops (we don’t want hot brass flying down our shirt fronts/backs or inside our glasses). If the weather is rainy or cold, dress accordingly. Sunscreen if you need it. If you bring gloves, make sure they do not interfere with your trigger and the ability to pull the trigger properly or your ability to reload.

We will not shoot if range conditions are not conducive to a safe shooting experience.