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Concealed carry and clothing selection

One of the issues we discuss in our Concealed Carry Fundamentals course is clothing. After all, your personal defense weapon will have to cooperate with whatever clothing you choose to wear on a given day. So it pays to think through how that is going to work in the heat of summer as well as the cool of winter.

Winter is by far the simpler season for concealed carry, as you are more likely to wear a jacket, vest  or other outer garment that will provide adequate cover for your personal weapon. Summer gets trickier as you strip off layers and make your torso more visible. I tend to vary how I carry my weapon by season; in winter, I’m much more likely to carry outside the waistband, with my weapon hanging on my belt and covered by a sweatshirt or jacket. But what if I take off my jacket at a restaurant or in a store? Here in Texas, open carry is allowed by law, so generally speaking you’re OK if your weapon shows. But people around you might feel uncomfortable at the sight of your sidearm, and in reality many businesses prohibit open carry in their premises.

Carrying inside the waistband provides additional concealment, and that’s mostly how I choose to carry. But, wouldn’t you know it, my normal pants weren’t built with extra space to accommodate a 9 mm handgun in addition to my growing girth. So I’ve had to buy up a size or two to make room for a comfortable carry experience. Women generally have the option to carry in a purse, and being as this is America and, all we have many creative products available from sharp entrepreneurs to make that a simple – and elegant – process. And yes, there are some nice man-bags out there too, all specifically designed to make drawing your weapon a simple process should the need arise.

You have many clothing options as you consider carrying a concealed weapon. Come join one of our classes and we’ll discuss these issues further.

– Tom