Here at Training to Carry, we are focused on gun owners who want to learn or refresh the basics, on people who are considering purchase of a handgun and want more information before making that decision, and on new shooters hoping to get into the shooting sports.  We know it’s a big decision for most people to buy a gun – as it should be. It’s a serious responsibility.  We understand the issues you will face and we design our courses to address your information needs while also addressing bigger picture issues such as legal considerations when carrying a concealed weapon or defending your home.

We want you to learn all about firearms and personal protection in an open and engaging environment where you can relax and learn. That is our goal for each and every class. We hope you’ll join us for a session soon.

Our course materials are based on the US Concealed Carry Association training program and curriculum. We cover a range of topics that will introduce you to firearms and the issues you’ll need to consider if you elect to carry a concealed weapon – or just keep a personal defense weapon in your home.

Our courses are built as classroom sessions, with an optional live fire session at a local shooting range for those who would like to have a supervised shooting session. We’ll usually schedule range time for the week after a course, depending on student interest and availability.

Our advantage: The Smokeless Range Simulator

One advantage of training with us is that we use the Laser-Ammo Smokeless Range simulator to give you a first-hand feel for some of the concepts we’ll review in the course. This simulator allows you to handle a realistically weighted pistol that fires only laser bursts at projected targets. With this tool you can practice your grip, trigger pull, target tracking, and, of course, accuracy. Each of these concepts is critical to managing your firearm when you need it most – and our tool will give you a chance to practice without burning up a lot of ammo on the range (though you should still burn up a lot of ammo on the range!).